“Beautiful as a carnation” wins the Manuel Teixeira Gomes Literary Prize

The work is by Clementina Rosa Matos

The work “Linda como um harpsichord”, by Clementina Rosa Matos, is the great winner of the Manuel Teixeira Gomes Literary Prize, which was awarded this Wednesday, December 7, at the Portimão Library. 

The presentation, which took place as part of the celebrations of the Day of the City, was attended by the author, Analita Santos and Virgílio Machado, two of the jury members of this literary event, who justified the attribution of the award.

In the synopsis of “Beautiful as a carnation”, Clementina Rosa Matos writes that “in a remote village lives a woman who does not know freedom. Surrounded by space and nature, she finds herself, however, imprisoned in solitude, kidnapped in an unsuccessful marriage with an alcoholic craftsman. By happy chance, a lost car appears in the mountains, and the mountain woman gets to know her confidant. This book is the story that reveals to us the adventure and tragedy of this insignificant and great woman called Maria das Dores”.

The author attended the University of Paris La Sorbonne, where she received the French Language and Civilization Certificate, having graduated in Modern Languages ​​and Literature, Portuguese and French, from the Faculty of Letters of the University of Porto. She later obtained her professionalization for teaching with a Qualification diploma in Educational Sciences, from the Open University of Lisbon, before acquiring the Training diploma in School Libraries, passed by the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of Porto.



In 2015, he published the poetry book “Os lovers of January” and in the same year he launched “The letter-E”, a narrative inspired by facts experienced within a northern family, in the mid-twentieth century, followed two years later by the novel “Piedade”, based on real-life facts that occurred between the beginning of the 2019th century and the first decade of the 2021st century, and in XNUMX a book of poetry integrated in a collection called A Água e a Sede, with the title “A curve of time". In addition to participating in several compilations with short stories, essays and poetry, in XNUMX he published “O gentil vagabundo”.

In a note, the Portimão municipality explains that the Manuel Teixeira Gomes Literary Prize aims to distinguish unpublished works written in Portuguese, in order to stimulate literary creation, and constitutes yet another way of perpetuating the memory of its patron, the writer and President of Republic Manuel Teixeira Gomes, born in Portimão.



Sponsored by the Municipality and the Municipal Library of Portimão, the award is officially launched on the national holiday of June 10th, Portugal, Camões and Portuguese Communities Day, accepting unpublished works under a free theme, written by national authors, citizens of countries of Portuguese official language or community members and foreigners with a regularized stay in Portugal.

The winning work had an edition of 300 copies, half of which were destined for the author, who was awarded a monetary prize of one thousand euros.