Lagos registers an increase in the selective collection of recyclable waste

The municipality of Lagos records 10 ecopoints per 1000 inhabitants

The municipality of Lagos has registered an increase in the amount of urban waste collected by 4% since 2015 and is currently at 17%, according to data presented by ALGAR. 

According to the company that manages the integrated system of selective collection, transfer, sorting of materials destined for recycling, this is a higher value compared to the average for the region, which is 12%.

Lagos has the second best diversion rate on par with Portimão, with only Aljezur having a higher diversion rate than Lagos, at 19%.

«This positive growth line recorded in Lagos contradicts the trend in the Algarve, where the 2021 value is lower than the values ​​for the years 2020 and 2019», says the Municipality.

Regarding the number of ecopoints per inhabitant, the municipality of Lagos registers 10 ecopoints per 1000 inhabitants, a value that has remained constant since 2018, continuing to register the highest number in the Algarve, where the average is 9 ecopoints per 1000 inhabitants .

«This performance is due to the investment that has been made by the municipality in the expansion of the ecopoints network, which made it possible to monitor and respond to the increase in the number of inhabitants», continues the municipality, referring that the values per capita of recycling recyclables in the Algarve is 85 kilos/inhabitant/year.

Lagos is, once again, above this value, with a recovery of 117 kg/inhabitant which translates into 37,7% above the average value.

«Compared to other municipalities in the Algarve, we are the 3rd municipality in the region with the best recovery value for recyclables in 2021, just behind Aljezur and Vila do Bispo. As for the quantities of recyclables collected in 2021, Lagos was in the 4th position of the municipality in the Algarve that recycled the most, although the three municipalities with higher values ​​(Portimão, Loulé and Faro) have a lower capitation than Lagos», stresses the Municipality, who considers that the collaboration of the population is fundamental in the success achieved

In a note, the municipality stresses that, together with ALGAR, it has promoted a series of initiatives and projects such as awareness campaigns for the population in general and commerce and restaurants in particular, the expansion of the ecopoint network, the “Algarlinha” service, and the implementation of “Recicla +”, the new pilot project for door-to-door collection, financed by European funds, which included the acquisition of 4450 containers and four selective collection vehicles, covering three municipalities in this experience, including the de Lagos, where the project is serving the population residing in the Montinhos da Luz area.