Lagos invests half a million in the refurbishment of the Cultural Center

The project is due to start in May.

In the immediate term, the objective is to carry out works to increase security and comply with the regulations in force, but, in the long term, the idea of ​​​​the Câmara de Lagos is to almost completely reformulate the Cultural Center and turn it into a more modern concert hall.

On the 12th of December, the local authority launched a public tender for the rehabilitation work of the Cultural Center of Lagos, with a base value of 485 thousand euros.

Contacted by Sul Informação, Sara Coelho, Councilor of Lagos City Council responsible for Culture, explained that this is the first of two phases of a profound intervention in this space.

«The need to carry out works in the Cultural Center results from a report that we received from the General Inspection of Cultural Activities, which pointed out the need to implement some security measures, which are related to the enlargement, in a few centimetres, of the spacing of the aisles", he said.

The CC de Lagos auditorium «is divided into three groups of chairs, the two lateral ones and the central one, and the passageways need a little widening».

Lagos Cultural Center Auditorium and Stage – chairs and carpet renovated

Since this correction had to be made, the Câmara de Lagos decided to «take advantage of the opportunity and make some more changes».

In the first phase, the carpet in the auditorium will be «completely replaced», which will allow «repositioning and replacing the chairs with a minimum loss of seats».

«If we don't do this without tearing up the carpet, we end up losing more places than with this solution», revealed the councilor of the Lagos Chamber.

«We are also going to introduce new lighting on the auditorium stairs, to prevent any falls and make the space safer», he added.

Another intervention contemplated in the competition now underway is the «transformation of the old dressing rooms, located on the -1 floor, to transform them into a storage area. The dressing rooms are no longer suited to today's requirements, neither in terms of size nor in terms of location, so they will be reformulated».

«On the first floor, we are going to create a water point in one of the rooms, so that it can accommodate the educational future of the cultural area. This is a new service that we intend to implement and we think it is important to have a faucet», illustrated Sara Coelho.

This 1st phase is expected to last for five months and start “in May. This should allow it to be completed in time for the Day of the City in October».


Sarah Coelho


Later, on a date still to be defined, but which the member of the lacobrigense executive hopes will be «next year or in 2024», phase 2 will advance.

In this endeavor, «the old cafeteria area, on the ground floor, will be transformed into a dressing room and access will be built for artists with limited or reduced mobility. With the current configuration of the auditorium, it is not possible for those with mobility constraints to access the stage».

«Also in the second phase we will completely replace the stage and renovate the sound system», concluded the councilor of the Chamber of Lagos.

All information about the Public Tender that is in progress can be consulted here.




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