Lagos continues elaboration of municipal territorial plans

24 months is the new maximum period for completion

The Chamber of Lagos approved, at the last ordinary meeting, the reopening of procedures for drawing up the Detailed Plan for UOPG 2, which covers Rossio da Trindade, and the Detailed Plan for UOPG 16, which focuses on the area between the agglomeration city ​​center known as Pedra Alçada and the Quinta da Boavista development.

For both plans, the municipality has now set the new deadline for completion at 24 months.

These decisions will be formally submitted to a period of public participation for a period of 15 working days.

The same council meeting also approved the extension, for six months, of the maximum deadline for completing the procedure for amending the Municipal Master Plan (PDM) of Lagos, which aims to adapt this instrument to the new rules of soil classification and qualification.

In view of the time targets established by the Government, which extended until December 31, 2023 the deadline for updating the Municipal Master Plans, the Lagos process is, according to the municipality, at a "quite advanced stage of preparation".

Following the end of the public discussion period, the participation of citizens and companies made takes place and, according to Hugo Pereira, president of the municipality, the forecast is that the approval by the Municipal Assembly may occur before the end of the new deadline. fixed for the completion of the procedure.