Lagos starts year with José Milhazes, Hugo van der Ding and Ruy de Carvalho

This year, the Carnival of Odiáxere will also return

José Milhazes, Vitorino, Hugo van der Ding and Ruy de Carvalho are some of the names that will pass through Lagos in the first quarter of this year, in a cultural commitment «to combat seasonality». 

In the year that celebrates the 450th anniversary of Lagos becoming a city (January 27, 1573), this will be the starting point for various initiatives to take place throughout the year.

For now, on the 27th and 28th, the highlights will be the show “Esencial”, by the company Vaivén Circo, conferences on the History and Statuary of Lagos and the inauguration of the exhibition “D. Sebastian in the History of Lagos”.

But the surprises at the Centro Cultural de Lagos do not end there.

Also in January, the multifaceted Luís Franco-Bastos presents the show “Diogo” (13/01) and Mariana Ferreira (bed ac) the performative installation “Home” (21/01).

In February, Hugo van der Ding, Tiago Ribeiro and Ana Markl bring to our stage the live version of Antena 3's program “Let's all die” (4/02).

Already in its 33rd edition, the Al-Mutamid Festival returns with the Sueños de Azahar group (10/02), with the 25th reserved for “Alice in the Land of Waste”, by the AORCA association (25/02).

In March, the month in which World Theater Day is celebrated, in addition to the show “Mulher Reflexo” by Questão Repetida (18/03), big names in this art will be present at this cultural facility – Pedro Giestas (“A Visita”, 04 /03), Ruy de Carvalho (“História Devida”, 25/03) and Aldo Lima, Inês Castel-Branco, Inês Sá Frias and José Pedro Gomes (“The Student and Mr. Henrique”, 31/03).

The cycle “Sons ao Crepúsculo” also returns in the new year with several shows scheduled for the first quarter at the Cultural Center – Ingrid Sotolarova with Romeu Madeira (“Après un duo”, 14/01), Kodo Yamagishi (3/02) and Ana Tejado with Irina Mamrici (“Piano 4 hands”, 11/03).

With one of the strongest quarters ever, the Municipal Library of Lagos will also bring events for the whole family to Lagos.

Some of the highlights and presences are José Milhazes with Ana Daniela Soares (“Chega de Saudade. Portugal Hoje.”, 7/01), Jorge Serafim with Vitorino (“Conversas Soltas”, 13/02), Paulo Condessa (“The Poetry that there is in you”, 21/01), Sara Lemonnier (“Bicho-do-Mato Theater Reading Club”, 22/01), Pedro Seromenho (“Old men are rags”, 18/02), Selma Uamusse and Alain Corbel with Fernanda Almeida (“Dialogues from the South: Happening in the South, about the South, with landscapes to the South”, 18/02).

They are joined by Octávio Fonseca (author of the book “Uma Vontade de Música: As Cantigas do Zeca”, 24/02), the writers Isabel Rio Novo, Miguel Carvalho and Rita Ferro (“Agustina e Amália, Two Women”, 8 /03), Natália Luiza and Rui Rebelo (“Feminine Verb – Poetry Recital”, 21/03) and the premiere of a new initiative, “4 Senses – Music for Silent Cinema” (24/03), with Carlos Norton and Vasco Ramalho.

Also noteworthy is the hosting of the 20th KINO – German Expression Film Festival (9-11/02), after the Library had already hosted the Italian and French Cinema festivals in 2022.

In sports, attention will be turned to the 21st Athletics Circuit “Cidade de Lagos” (January to August), with three major events in the first quarter – 7th JF de S. Gonçalo de Lagos (29/01), 27th Barão de S. João Cross Country (25/02) and 20th Athletics Grand Prix of Odiáxere (26/03).

This year, the Carnival of Odiáxere will also return, with the children's parade (19/02) and the Carnival party (21/02) organized by the Clube Desportivo de Odiáxere, which has the support of the municipality of Lagos.