«This is what Christmas is»: Timing joined 100 Refood users in a solidarity lunch

In addition to lunch, each person also received a gift.

The objective was clear: “to help those who need it most”. Last Saturday, December 17th, the Algarve company Timing organized a solidarity Christmas lunch at the D. Joaquim Magalhães Primary School (Faro), which brought together almost 100 people supported by Refood.

The challenge, launched «a few months ago» by Ricardo Mariano, CEO of Timing, was taken up by the entire team at this company.

«I told them to start having a big annual solidarity party on the weekend just before Christmas, which would involve everyone», he tells the Sul Informação. 

Thus, the lunch was made – and organized – both by external Timing workers and by the office staff, in a total of around 25 people.

Refood's choice Faro as an institution to help was «immediate» because they do «an extraordinary job».

At lunch, people from “8 to 80 years old” participated. All, in the words of Ricardo Mariano, were «very happy».

«Many people who were there will have a Christmas Eve with less affection, less love than what was at that lunch», says the CEO of Timing.

In addition to lunch, each person also received a gift.

The objective, according to Ricardo Mariano, is to make this initiative a tradition.

«We want this to be the first of many lunches: this is what Christmas is all about. This was the first time, but we want more and that this is also an example for other companies, because a lot of love was shared at that lunch», he concludes.


Photos: Flavio Costa | Sul Informação



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