Carol and Mateus Verde lead Christmas charity concert in Albufeira

on December 28rd

A solidarity Christmas concert, starring local artists Carol and Mateus Verde, will take to the stage of the Municipal Auditorium of Albufeira, on the 28th of December, at 21 pm.

Before the concert itself, Ana Sofia Brito, also from Albufeira, will perform moments of juggling and poetry.

Admission to the show “Canções de Natal” is free – tickets must be picked up at the Parish Council of Albufeira and Olhos de Água -, but the public is invited to donate food to help the Albufeira association Cura da Alma, which is dedicated to to support the most needy with goods of various kinds.

As the name of the event indicates, the two artists will play some classic Christmas themes, as well as original songs written by them.

Carol is a singer-songwriter who has been exploring and experimenting with music since 2015.

In the early years, he dedicated himself entirely to the study of Bossa Nova and created a project of intimate music sessions, the Intimate Music Sessions. His first album, “A Porta”, features eight original songs and was released in September.

The album “is born out of a period of isolation due to the pandemic and the artist’s return to her origins, staying two years in the house where she grew up. The songs come from exploring the family's VHS cassettes, old photos, past conversations, forgotten bibelots, full drawers, silences and an old piano. From here, the artist summons a piano, percussion, guitar and trumpet band that responds to the songs and creates the atmospheres that these memories suggest», according to the Council of Albufeira and Olhos de Água, which organizes the show, with the support of Albufeira Chamber.

Mateus Verde is also a singer-songwriter from Albufeira, «who accompanies the voice with the electric guitar and creates contemplative and intimate music inspired by nature and its mysteries».

«His themes range from Folk to atmospheric and dreamy landscapes, always exploring a mysterious and sometimes esoteric imagery. His first EP, “Esteva”, was released in 2016, and his first album, entitled “Feiticeira”, appeared in 2020», says the municipality.

«Together on stage, the artists intend to combine Carol's romantic and tender songs with the mysticism of Mateus' songs and the experimental and atmospheric environment characteristic of his language. Carol will bring her band, percussion and classical guitar with her, while Mateus Verde will add elements extracted directly from Nature to the space, such as tree trunks, transforming them into musical instruments and ensuring that this will not only be a musical show, but also a visual one, inspired by the magic of the Christmas season», he concludes.