Cais de Alcoutim is already preparing to receive hundreds of people on New Year's Eve

Ball, fireworks and concert promise animation until dawn

Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação

In Alcoutim, New Year's Eve is once again celebrated, as usual, on the pier, with a dance, fireworks and a concert that promises entertainment until dawn.

«We have been concerned about creating, in Alcoutim, this event at the end of the year that allows people to come together and concentrate there, giving them the possibility of not having to look for alternatives outside the village and the municipality», he explains to Sul Informação the President of the Chamber Osvaldo Gonçalves.

This year's program includes a dance with Valter Reis, from 21 pm, fireworks, at 30 am, and entertainment with the Quarta Série Musical Group, from 00 am.

This is a party that has been held since 2013 and is now returning, after two years of the pandemic that made it impossible.

«This year, it is a return to what we aspire to be the normality of reunions», continues the mayor of Alcoutim, referring that the enclosure also has a bar in a tent where the population and visitors can also organize their own dinner.


The proximity to Spain means that, sometimes, two New Year's Eves are celebrated in Alcoutim (one at 23:00 and the other at 00:00 in Portugal), but, according to the mayor, this characteristic also means that, on this date, there are not many the inhabitants of the neighboring country to come to Alcoutim.

«Anyway, Spaniards are always welcome and the truth is that, usually, there is usually a significant participation in our parties», says Osvaldo Gonçalves.

Although there is no way of counting how many people participate in the event, since admission is free, the mayor says that every year «a good hundreds of people gather at the pier», something that he hopes will be repeated this year.


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