Walk & Art Fest in Barão de São João is much more than just walking

Hiking, Art and Wellness Festival ends this Sunday

The Walk & Art Fest, which has been taking place in Barão de São João (Lagos) since Friday and ends this Sunday, November 6th, is much more than just walking. And it wouldn't be enough if it stayed there.

Barão de São João is a village very connected to the arts, due to the vast community of artists of all nationalities who have settled there in recent years. Therefore, walking through its streets and even along the trails through the National Forest is to walk in permanent discovery of art, sometimes in less likely places.

In addition to hiking and mountain biking, which are more or less long depending on the guides and the participants' stake, the festival offers shorter activities to discover art or the historical-archaeological, geological, botanical and faunal heritage.

There are also workshops on different topics, such as vegan cuisine, cyanotopy, sowing and caring for the forest, forest therapy or poetry sessions, landart interventions, Tai Chi, Yoga, treasure hunting, dancing in nature.

Continuing the mural he started last year, the artist Jorge Pereira, with several more or less committed helpers, continued his work on one of the walls of the Barão de São João Cultural Center, where the Walk & Art Fest secretariat works.

This festival is a joint organization of the Municipality of Lagos and the Almargem Association, which has, once again, the partnership of the local artistic community.

The initiative is part of the Algarve Walking Season (AWS) event calendar, which includes three more hiking festivals in the region: Walking Festival Ameixial, Alcoutim Hiking Festival and Monchique Hiking Festival (which will take place from 1 to 4 November ).

AWS is an initiative coordinated by the QRER Cooperative – Cooperative for the Development of Low Density Territories, supported by Turismo de Portugal and the Algarve Tourism Region.