“Neighbors without borders” on stage in the Roman ruins of Milreu

On the 19rd and 20th of November

The community theater groups “Teatro de Vizinhes de Faro” and “Quarteira Fora da Caixa” will take the stage on the 19th and 20th of November, at 15:00, at the Roman Ruins of Milreu, in two presentations as part of the DiVaM project, by the Algarve Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs.

The two groups, coordinated by Janela Aberta Teatro (JAT), debut new creations, the result of ideas, dynamics and theatrical games developed in weekly rehearsals/meetings and artistically synthesized by Miguel Martins Pessoa and Diana Bernedo.

The Theater Group of Neighbors of Faro presents the show “Ouvi say”, which centers its story in a seemingly distant world, but not too far away, on the day the water ran out.

The Quarteira Fora da Caixa Group presents the show 'Aluga-se', which tells the story of a community that rents out its houses to tourists and has no place to go: a critical piece on renting in the Algarve, seeking to promote reflection and dialogue through theater.

The voice of the collective is also the central dynamic of community theater and is thus exalted through singing, which, in the case of the group of Faro, has the musical/vocal coordination of Ilda Nogueira Martins.

The project aims to support the idea of ​​art and social transformation, with more than 60 neighbors-actors and neighbors-actresses working in a place of memories of a former Roman Villa, where several communities lived, leaving marks of their habits, rituals and crafts, now legacy for knowledge and interpretation of our history.

The “Neighbors without borders” project has the support of the DiVaM Program – Dynamization and Enhancement of Monuments, the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve, the Parish Council of Quarteira, the Municipality of Loulé and the Municipality of Faro.