A reading fridge, many km on the legs and the piglet to finish off

Another journey of the Walker and his companion

T2 E2 – São Bartolomeu da Serra>>Roncão

mea culpa. Yesterday I talked about the reading fridge and I didn't photograph it. I now notice this lapse, it was the first thing I did when I arrived in São Bartolomeu da Serra today. That and taking money/moving the Multibanco that is next to the Board.



It is because those who live in a city have no idea what it means to have a Parish Council that combines its institutional function with the CTT post and the MB, two of the functions that we think are normal and commonplace, but which mean a lot to these smaller populations. in numbers, but not in needs.

I also took the opportunity to stamp the Pilgrim's Credential at the Residents' Association, where I attended a quick mushroom preparation course, which will serve as a snack for the guys, there for lunch. I have one piece of advice: if you don't know them well, don't pick them up...

I don't know if you noticed, but in the first paragraph I said that I had arrived in São Bartolomeu today, when yesterday I had arrived there at the end of the section. This has to do with logistics (a field in which M is excellent).



The scheme goes something like this: we sleep at place A, we walk from A to B, we take a taxi back to A. The next day, we take a taxi to B and the taxi continues to C, where it leaves luggage at the place (C) where we will arrive on foot. confused? So let's get to practice.

On the first day, we slept at Alojamento Local Covas (in Santiago do Cacém), an old renovated pension that still smells new. We walked to São Bartolomeu and called Mr. Parakeet (family name) and which has a parakeet drawn on the business card. From time to time they confuse the bird and call Mr. Parrot, but he doesn't care.

We slept again at Covas (which has the Covas Restaurant underneath, since 1948) and today we took a taxi to drop us off in São Bartolomeu and there was no need to take our bags because D. Manuela “das Frutas”, who will accommodate us in Roncão, knows the people of Covas and offered to go get the bags. In short: all good people, helpful and friendly.



Now let's go to the route: at the beginning, we took a road, which allowed us to accelerate (no exaggeration, don't forget that we are going on foot). It was here that we crossed paths with the only passerby, who was a little startled looking at us.

The remaining (few) people we found were on their tractors or going about their business. Ah, we also came across some mountain bikers (don't forget that, on weekends, people like to pedal).



The path was made, through the valley of the stream of Corona, the usual cork oak forests, the scattered strawberry trees and the many mushrooms. From time to time, we passed some abandoned houses (hills, as they say around here), feeling like we were at the end of the world, surrounded by nature. But nature, at the end of the route, took its toll, putting in front of us some small hills…

…And we arrived at Roncão, where a famous suckling pig was waiting for us. After the peace and quiet of nature, we suddenly had to wait an hour on the street under a scorching sun that scorched our brains and tired bodies, and then, already seated, we were in the midst of an agitation that was traumatizing us. Come on, a part of the (good) suckling pig accompanied us for dinner…