ACD Ferragudo women's seniors qualify for the round of XNUMX of the Portuguese Cup

4th round of the 1st phase of the Portuguese Cup qualified four teams for the 2nd phase

The female seniors of ACD Ferragudo qualified, this Sunday, for the round of 90 of the Portuguese Basketball Cup, by beating the team from Algés, in their stronghold, by 72-XNUMX.

It was the 4th round of the 1st phase of the Taça de Portugal Skoiy, which qualified four teams for the 2nd phase, which will already feature the teams from the Liga Betclic Feminina.

In addition to the formation of ACD Ferragudo “Q. Quentinho", follow in the Cup of Portugal Clube Basket de Queluz, Basquete de Barcelos and CLIP Teams, emblems of the 1st Women's Division.

After the draw, the basketball players from Ferragudo learned that they will face Galitos de Barcelos at home.

The management of ACD Ferragudo points out that the passage to the round of XNUMX is «a historic and grandiose feat for a small club from the “province” that faces big names in national basketball. We are all to be congratulated, athletes, coaches, leaders, sponsors, parish council and Municipality of Lagoa».

The success of the club led the Parish Council of Ferragudo to issue a public greeting, highlighting «the hard and laborious work of the Association in favor of basketball, in the competition components and above all in training, where it is still taking its first steps» .

"This winning walk is recognition of the sports work carried out by ACD Ferragudo, which is already a reference in the regional and national basketball scene, being a worthy representative of the municipality and Ferragudo at a sporting level", adds the note from the local authority.