PSD/Algarve says that the State Budget leaves the region «empty»

For PSD Algarve, «the region is losing precious time to catch up on infrastructure»

The PSD/Algarve considers that the final version of the State Budget, whose approval process will be completed this Friday, November 25, leaves the region "empty".

In a note sent to the press, the Social Democrats give examples of "the reduction of tolls - which was approved and made law by the Assembly of the Republic", the steps towards completing the requalification of the EN-125 between Olhão and Vila Real de Santo António" and "the firm commitment to the new Hospital Central do Algarve", a process that even made recent advances.

Added to this is the «reduction of waiting lists for appointments and surgeries».

All these matters were the subject of «proposed amendments presented by the PSD», but which «were promptly rejected by the majority of the PS».

According to Cristóvão Norte, president of PSD Algarve, «PS has a majority and exercises it».

«It rejects the PSD's proposals regarding vital matters for the region. The problem is that the PS does not have proposals for the region or, if it does, it does not present them. There are so many dramatic problems in the region: from the shortage of clinical staff to unforgivable delays in getting an appointment to the lack of teachers or access to housing, that it is frightening this immobility that does not face them or try to solve them. And the Algarve is paying for it », he adds.

For the PSD Algarve, «the region is losing precious time in catching up with infrastructure – at a time when the country is being flooded with European funds from the PRR -, in diversifying its economy and rising in the production of value and in the realization of social rights, such as health or education, where the region is becoming more peripheral and distant from equal opportunities».