European project “Rising Cinema” makes young people from Faro ambassadors of the 7th art

First moment of the program happens next week

young people from Faro will join the «new generation of ambassadors of European cinema», within the framework of the European project «Rising Cinema», which aims to «boost young people's passion for cinema» during the next six months.

The initiative "Rising Cinema: A new generation of ambassadors of European cinema" brings together not only young people from Faro, but also from Porto and Kaunas, in Lithuania, and was designed «to involve dozens of young people, aged between 16 and 25, around the seventh art»

Participants in the project will have access, «totally free of charge, to a course that includes the viewing of European films and various workshops, such as: Language of Cinema, Creative Writing, Aesthetics, Dramaturgy, Composition, Programming (for cinema) and Production of Podcasts», according to Cineclube de Tavira, which organizes FICLA – International Festival of Cinema and Literature of the Algarve, in which “Rising Cinema” is also integrated.

In the coming months, will take place in Faro, in Porto and Kaunas 11 cinema sessions and 11 workshops, in a total of 52 hours, under the guidance of professionals.

In the case of cinema sessions, the first takes place on the 22nd of November, at 18 pm, at the António Ramos Rosa Municipal Library, in Faro, with the presentation of the film “Cinema Paraíso”, by Giuseppe Tornatore.

The session is open to the general public. Entrance is free for young participants. Tickets cost €5 for other spectators. Members of the National and International Federation of Film Clubs pay 3 euros.

At that time, the project will also be explained to the public, «being a great opportunity for the most indecisive to join the adventure and join the Algarve group of the cinema course».

«The training has a theoretical and a practical component, which invites participants to view works and produce articles, interviews and podcasts, which will then be published on the project's official website. Furthermore, at the end of the course, each group will be able to choose films that will be viewed and discussed by all participants».

To enroll in the course, young people must fill out a form available at this link.

«The idea is to arouse the interest of young people in this form of art, while giving them tools so that they can take a more critical look at what they see and what they like. Through these training actions, whose enrollment is now open, young people will be able to think, speak, share opinions and write about cinematography, as well as learn to program cinema», says Candela Varas, from the Cineclube de Tavira.

'Rising Cinema: A new generation of ambassadors of European cinema' is the result of an application by three partners – Cineclube de Tavira, Cinema Insuflável, in Porto, and Cinema Romuva, in Kaunas, Lithuania – to the second edition of ' Collaborate to Innovate', a program that aims to encourage innovative and collaborative projects implemented by members of the Europa Cinemas network, an entity financed by Europa Criativa MEDIA.

This year, from a total of 28 applications, 13 projects were selected, of which five international partnerships stand out, including the Portuguese one.

This project is also an integral part of FICLA – International Film and Literature Festival of the Algarve, organized by the Cineclube de Tavira.