“Role of Municipalities in the fight against poverty” is the theme of a meeting in Faro

Carlos Farinha Rodrigues (ISEG) is responsible for the opening conference

“The role of the Municipalities in the fight against poverty” is the theme of the meeting that will take place on Monday, December 5th, in the Auditorium of the District Center of Faro of the Social Security Institute, in the Algarve capital.

The opening session, scheduled for 9:30 am, will be attended by Margarida Flores, president of the District Center for Faro from ISS, Luísa Dantas, from EAPN/Portugal, and Joaquim Brandão Pires, Association of Municipalities of the Algarve.

This is followed by the opening conference, by Carlos Farinha Rodrigues (ISEG), on the theme “How can municipalities contribute to reducing the risk of poverty rate?”.

in moderation of Elisabete Rodrigues, director of Sul Informação, then comes the intervention of Joaquim Brandão Pires, secretary general of the Association of Municipalities of the Algarve (What challenges for municipalities in a context of crisis?), Ana Cardoso, sociologist at CESIS, (The fight against poverty in the Algarve region: challenges and opportunities), António Travassos, technical secretary of the Operational Program CRESC Algarve 2020, of CCDR Algarve (What funding opportunities under the PRR/QCA). Debate ensues.

At 12:45, Rosanna Barros, from the Center for Research in Adult Education and Community Intervention (CEAD) of the University of Algarve, will present the conclusions.