Mini-cataplanas, confectionery workshop and reporting at El Mundo win awards in the Algarve

Each winner will now receive five thousand euros for standing out from the other competitors for the quality, originality and identity value of the works presented.

A copper and ceramic mini-cataplana, five Algarve confectionery workshops and a report by El Mundo newspaper on creative tourism were the big winners of the prizes Algarve Craft & Food, in the three competition categories. Boilermaker Nuno Palma, designer Alexandra dos Santos and Spanish journalist Isabel García were awarded.

With a global value of 15 thousand euros, the prizes distinguished the best products, tourist programs and reports created within the scope of the project that gave them their name.

A total of 20 originals, from Portugal and Spain (in the case of the media category), competed in this edition, which had a jury of seven Algarve personalities from the areas of tourism, culture, press, arts and crafts.



The award for Best Work Resulting from a Creative Residence/Kitchen Laboratory/Adherence to the Algarve Craft & Food Project was awarded to a mini-cataplana, designed by artisan boilermaker Nuno Palma.

The piece is a reinterpretation of the original format of the most famous kitchen utensil in the Algarve: it has a copper lid, a ceramic base with sandstone powder, 174 millimeters in diameter, but it is not suitable for slow cooking food, as the cataplana has been transformed on a plate for individual use at the table.



The award for Best Creative Tourism Programme/Experience under the Algarve Craft & Food project was awarded to a set of five tourist workshops that combine popular Algarve sweets with the creativity of those who participate in them.

Conceived by designer Alexandra dos Santos, the proposed experiences will lead tourists to model almond and fig cookies, to invent a recipe from carob, to take a photography class that uses local products as models or to imagine the design of a package for a regional sweet.



In the media category, the distinction went to Spain. O article «Travel to the soul of the Algarve» in the newspaper El Mundo, signed by journalist Isabel García, won the title of Best Work on the Theme of Creative Tourism and Cultural and Creative Industries within the scope of the Algarve Craft & Food project.

Each winner will now receive five thousand euros for having stood out from the other competitors for the quality, originality and identity value of the works presented.

This initiative is part of the homonymous Algarve Craft & Food (ACF) project, running until the summer of 2023 to stimulate and internationalize cultural and creative industries based on crafts and local agri-food products from the Algarve.

The ACF is promoted by Turismo do Algarve, by Tertúlia Algarvia and by the QRER cooperative, receiving co-financing from CRESC Algarve 2020 – Algarve Regional Operational Programme.