«Guadiana Academy» trains entrepreneurs to learn about good practices

This activity is promoted by Associação Odiana and funded by CRESC Algarve

The «Guadiana Academy», an activity of the Choose Guadiana project that aims to train and qualify with the aim of improving, specializing and diversifying the offer, is already underway.

According to Associação Odiana, which promotes the action, it also intends to make known and import good practices, with due adaptation to the territory of Baixo Guadiana in the Algarve.

In terms of qualification, training was developed in the area of ​​the «Blue Economy» and a set of online training courses is currently taking place in the areas of leadership, digital marketing, technologies, tourist entertainment and customer service.

In terms of benchmarking e bench learning, a series of B2B and visits were completed in November , national success stories that add value to the local economy and the competitiveness of products and companies.

With emphasis on salt and fleur de sel products, a visit was made to «Expoalimenta», in Matosinhos, and to the territory of Cádiz, Spain. In the latter case, the objective was to learn about the methodologies and explore partnerships in terms of salinity.

In the area of ​​nautical development in Dams, the territory of Alqueva was visited, «with a view to aggregating offers, from water sports, sport fishing, tourist services and adjacent structures».

With regard to the nautical sports component, a visit was promoted to the renowned Pocinho High Performance Center in Vila Nova de Foz Côa, whose purpose is to optimize sports performance».

The Guadiana Academy is frequented by the group of businessmen and entities that adhere to the Choose Guadiana project, which include entities and companies of tourist entertainment, sports, shipbuilding and repair, sport fishing and others, with the aim of promoting and boosting the local economy.

This activity is promoted by Associação Odiana and is part of the «Guadiana Academy» project, presented in Notice ALG-53-2018-22 and funded by the Operational Program CRESC Algarve 2020 (SIAC Qualificação).