Festival gathered dozens around a positive organ in the Igreja Matriz de Loulé

15th edition of the Organ Festival ends next weekend

Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação

A positive organ, made by and owned by Dinarte Machado, two violins and a soprano voice led dozens of people from different generations to give a standing ovation to another show at the Organ Festival, which took place this Sunday, November 20, at Restored Mother Church of Loulé. 

The concert began with Rui Soares in a piece for solo organ, followed by the psalm Laudate Pueri Domini, by Vivaldi, performed «in coloratura» in the soprano voice by Fabiana Magalhães. On strings, Mariña Bouso and Rogério Monteiro completed the harmonic support performed by Ensemble Mvsica Antiqva Porto. The concert ended with latin aria de Silva Leite and the Hallelujah by Mozart.

The sound of the pipe organ, which the church does not (yet) have, echoed thanks to the positive organ, a portable musical instrument. It was a way of bringing to Loulé and the people of Loulé a sample of what the future organ of this church is intended to be.

«Loulé has already planned to place an organ above the entrance to the Church, which serves another type of musical period and repertoire, but we can say that this concert turns out to be a kick-off, with a smaller organ, but with a similar sound», he stressed, in statements to the Sul Informação, Patrícia Neto Martins, from Associação Cultural Música XXI, responsible for organizing this Festival.


Patrícia Neto Martins, from Associação Cultural Música XXI. Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação


Carlos Albino, from the Musical Association of Loulé Clave de Sul, stressed that part of the requalification of the Main Church of this city was already done thinking about the consolidation of the choir to support the 5000 kilos that can weigh the organ that will be placed there. 

«The people of Loulé were born with music. Here, harp and organ have always been heard, and that is what we want to restore », he told the Sul Informação, expressing the hope that the day will come soon when he will see the organ enter this place of worship.


Carlos Albino with the musicians of the Ensemble Mvsica Antiqva Porto. Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação


The concert marked one of the last initiatives of this edition of the Organ Festival which, according to Patrícia Neto Martins, has been «a success».

«The whole Festival has surprised us positively, especially the initiatives in the Churches, which have always been full, and the workshops with a lot of demand. Everything we have planned for this year, even the news, has been going very well », he said.

To close the 15th edition of the event, organist and musicologist Joris Verdin will give two unique concerts, for organ and harmonium.

On Friday, November 25th, at the Church of Santiago de Tavira, a first part will be presented on the theme “The Age of Enlightenment in Portugal and Belgium with comments from today”, with works from the XNUMXth century.

The harmonium will sound in the second part of the concert, with the theme “The Age of Romanticism in Belgium and France”, interpreting works from the XNUMXth century.

For its part, on Saturday the 26th, the Igreja da Sé in Faro will be the stage for a new concert programme, also divided between works for organ and for harmonium. In the first part, Portuguese and Belgian composers will sound, interspersed with comments by Joris Verdin himself. The romantic works performed on the harmonium will be the highlight of the second part of the concert.

The concerts are free of charge and do not require prior reservation.


Photos: Mariana Sedge | Sul Informação