Flea market and monthly market continue in Portimão

Despite changes in the layout of sales spaces due to the construction of the viaduct

The next flea markets and monthly markets continue at the Parque de Feiras e Exposições de Portimão, despite being subject to changes in the layout of the sales spaces due to the start of works on the construction of the viaduct that will connect the roundabouts on Rua Comandante Araújo and Rua Mill Boiler.

The measure will come into effect from December, covering flea markets on the 4th and 18th and the monthly market scheduled for the 5th.

Due to the work, a rearrangement of the traditional sales spaces was carried out, in order to reconcile the two situations and allow the security of sellers and buyers.

This intervention, in charge of the company Infraestruturas de Portugal, intends to create conditions so that, in 2024, the circulation in the level crossing next to the Bakery is limited only to pedestrians, while the motor vehicles must use the future viaduct, which integrates the set of public works related to the electrification of the railway line between Tunes and Lagos, an investment close to 25 million euros.