ETIC Algarve welcomes European partners within the scope of a Theater project for seniors

Between the 8th and 10th of this month

ETIC Algarve received, between the 8th and 10th of November, the partners of the Project “Age on Stage” from Italy, Poland, Scotland and France for a training course in the area of ​​Inclusive Theatre. 

The "age on stage” is an educational and inclusive project for seniors that aims to «transform their lives through the theater of memories».

Coordinated by the French partner, Passerelles Theatre, this project «seeks to respond to gaps identified with regard to education and exchange of experiences among seniors», says ETIC Algarve in a note, stressing that, as a technological partner, it is responsible for the development of an online platform in several languages ​​to provide courses and content that can minimize the digital exclusion of seniors.

In addition, ETIC Algarve was responsible for organizing the 1st Training Action of the Project, which had 12 participants, including actors, educational staff, trainers and who, over 3 days, worked on the contents of the Age on Stage course.

Within the scope of this action, ETIC Algarve had the collaboration of Companhia de Teatro do Algarve, through the provision of Teatro Lethes, providing a guided tour and a Physical Theater workshop with Miguel Martins Pessoa from Janela Aberta Teatro.


The meeting culminated with an invitation for participants to watch the show “FESTE”, by the Familie Floz Theater company.

«It was a week of intensive work, but very rewarding for everyone involved, who left these 3 days with new ideas and new ways of working with their groups of seniors through the sharing of experiences and the contact with the Portuguese reality and that was the goal, so we have the feeling of mission accomplished», said Virgínia Inácio, responsible for the Erasmus Department who accompanied the group.

Presenting itself as a school with an increasingly significant international dimension and with the Erasmus Accreditation 2021-2027 in the scope of Vocational Education and Training, ETIC Algarve is currently part of five projects of Strategic Partnerships of the Erasmus Programme: DeCRIT, Feel It, Tec++Us 2.0, Age on Stage and Sesame Green.

«Without a doubt, this is a project that makes us very proud, as it strongly contributes to minimizing the digital exclusion of an audience that was very affected by the pandemic due to a lack of digital skills and with this project we managed to create proximity based on the sharing of life experiences» , highlighted Nuno Ribeiro, director of ETIC.

 «This type of projects, in addition to allowing us to develop our field of action, allows us to create very interesting intellectual products that effectively change the European educational landscape and it is very rewarding for us to be part of this change», he concluded.

The work carried out within the scope of these ERASMUS+ projects can be followed through social networks and on the school's website at