Café Filosófico returns to AP Maria Nova Lounge for another edition

on the 17th of November

Café Filosófico returns to AP Maria Nova Lounge, on the 17th of November, for another edition, with Maria João Neves. 

This month, the author focuses on the book Genesis, from the Old Testament, «a good example of how there are texts that are part of the intellectual landscape in which we were born and raised», says the organization in a note.

Throughout the conversation, in addition to discussing the book of Genesis, other philosophers such as Walter Benjamin and Wihelm von Humboldt will also be discussed, who approach the philosophy of language and the recognition of its three levels.

Maria João Neves, who will lead this edition, has several books and scientific articles published and in 2006 she started her philosophical practice.

Entries can be made through the e-mail [email protected] and cost 5 euros.