Alte: Cândido Guerreiro Vocational School for 30 years

Last November 11th

The Professional School Cândido Guerreiro (EPCG), in Alte, celebrated its 11th anniversary on the 30th of November.

Over three decades, the school has trained hundreds of young people who have gone on to higher education or who have entered the world of work as professionals in the areas of tourism, commerce, food processing and quality control, civil construction, graphic design, information technology, educational or health action.

In homage to its patron, the EPCG Auditorium was baptized that day as “Auditorium Cândido Guerreiro” and in the entrance hall there was a bust of the poet, a work by the Algarve painter and sculptor Sidónio de Almeida, which has now been loaned to the school by the Museum Municipality of Loulé.

The ceremony was attended by students and former students, teachers, employees, friends, partners and representatives of entities, organizations and schools in the municipality of Loulé.

The opening session was also attended by the Directorate of Services for the Algarve Region of the Directorate-General for School Establishments, in the person of Alexandre Lima, regional delegate for Education in the Algarve, Adriana Cavaco, from the Loulé Chamber, António Martins, from the of Parish of Alte, and Vânia Martins, from Associação In Loco.



Produced especially for the occasion, the film “30 Years of Memories” was presented, which compiles hundreds of images and testimonies of former students.

The party continued in the school's outdoor amphitheater with the Poetic Intervention “Sonnets of a village – Chapter II – The journey” – life and work of the poet Cândido Guerreiro, by Ao Luar Teatro – Ideias Culturais, a show offered by the Parish Council of Alte.

EPCG is owned by the Professional School of Alte and its majority collaborators are the Municipality of Loulé, the Parish Council of Alte and the Associação In Loco.

This school has implemented the Quality Assurance System in line with the European Quality Reference Framework for Vocational Education (EQAVET1) and was awarded the Seal of Conformity by the National Agency for Qualification and Vocational Education (ANQEP) on 20 of April last year.