Promotional video «Choose Guadiana» premiered today

Film is available from today, October 31, on various platforms and social networks

The promotional video «Choose Guadiana» is now available, in a synchronous premiere between Odiana and the municipalities of Baixo Guadiana. It is «a unique tool that combines the promotional and commercial nature, with the landscape and heritage as a backdrop, but above all focused on the companies in the territory».

After many plans, filming and editing, the Choose Guadiana video has been completed, which has «a distinct mission», not only to «present the natural wonders that wind through the river and sea in the Baixo Guadiana», but also «to highlight the services that guarantee the offer in the territory'. Here companies are the protagonists, those that boost the local economy and transform potential into supply.

It is, therefore, a promotional video for the business segment, which reflects the importance of the river/sea cluster in the territory, namely in the municipalities of Alcoutim, Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António.

The final goal is to promote the resources and offer of the business fabric, in order to boost business, attract investment and attract more customers. The connecting link is the Guadiana River and the Sea as a local engine, communicating with Europe and the world.

This multimedia tool highlights the river/sea sector, from maritime tourism, to sports activities, transfers, marinas, docks, repair and shipbuilding, sport and artisanal fishing, fish market, and salt, among others. The range of offers is the motto for the project's slogan: «Choose Guadiana, much more than a river…».

The video has a teaser (short version) and three versions (3 minutes) with subtitles in three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish. The objective is to be distributed nationally and internationally in the most varied communication channels, specialized fairs and sectorial events.



The film is available from today, October 31, on Odiana's various platforms and social networks, in a synchronous premiere between hated and the Municipalities of Alcoutim, Castro Marim e Vila Real de Santo António.

This video is a production of the company A Pequena Tulipa, in an action promoted by the Odiana Association and integrated in the Choose Guadiana project, presented to the ALG-53-2018-22 Notice and financed by the CRESC Algarve 2020 Operational Program (SIAC Qualification).