Proposal to amend the Lagos PDM goes to Public Consultation

All interested parties can participate

The proposed amendment to the Municipal Master Plan of Lagos will be under public consultation, after being approved at the last Chamber meeting. The consultation period will be 30 days from the moment the notice is published in the Diário da República.

The document that will be considered already incorporates the adjustments made to the initial version, which resulted “from the opinions issued by the different entities consulted and from consultation meetings held in the meantime”.

«The main objective of the proposed amendment to the Lagos PDM is to adapt to the new rules for classifying and qualifying the soil resulting from the Law of General Bases for Public Policy on Soils, Territorial Planning and Urbanism (LBPPSOTU), which determined the end of the so-called “urbanable land”, with implications for some of the current urban perimeters of the municipality», frames the Lagos Chamber.

According to the document, “the classification as rustic land of some of the current urbanizable land will have a transitional period in which the respective owners will still be able to benefit from the current rules of urban development”.

The procedure also includes the adaptation of the Lagos PDM to the Regional Program for Forest Management in the Algarve and to the Integrated Management System for Rural Fires (SGIFR).

The municipality emphasizes that what is at stake is simply the adaptation to the new law and not “the revision of the territorial model established in the current PDM, approved in 2015”.

Even so, according to Hugo Pereira, mayor of Lagos, the opportunity was taken “to improve some matters that recent experience has shown need more in-depth definition and framework”, namely “the new regimes for the installation of electricity generating centers or new parks of camping and caravanning on rustic soils'.

«Other changes dealt with in this procedure are the establishment of a time limit for land reserves intended for infrastructure, equipment for collective use or green spaces, which, according to the proposal, will be 10 years, as well as the establishment of a regime of regularization of urban planning operations carried out without the prior control to which they were subject, covering situations prior to the entry into force of the first PDM in Lagos, in 1995», reveals the Chamber.

The version of the Lagos MDP in force is relatively recent, since it was approved in 2015. Even so, given the substantial change in the legal framework of reference in terms of territorial management, with the entry into force of the LBPPSOTU and the Legal Regime for Territorial Management Instruments (RJIGT), municipalities are «obliged, by legal imperative, to promote the adequacy of territorial plans at the municipal level by the end of 2023».