Octávio, the friendly octopus, is Quarteira's new mascot [with photos]

Telmo Pinto: «we created this mascot with the aim of reaching all ages, but especially the little ones»


His name is Octávio and he is the friendliest octopus ever seen in Quarteira. The local Parish Council presented its mascot to the public, «which arrives to reinforce the Quarteira brand».

«Octávio, the Polvo de Quarteira, will function as “a friendly character”, a friendly interlocutor, who will interact with the inhabitants and tourists of the parish, able to pass on the values ​​we want to Quarteira, in a playful, relaxed and friendly way» , explains the municipality.

Telmo Pinto, president of the Parish Council, explains: «we created this mascot with the aim of reaching all ages, but especially the little ones, because they are our future and are the ones we should most motivate and raise awareness, both in terms of regarding the challenges we face in the world we live in, as well as to learn a little more about our parish, our values, history, tradition and good practices».

For Telmo Pinto, «choosing this marine mollusc to represent the parish was easy. Octopus is the most traded species in Quarteira, in terms of value, and as such a delicacy of reference in the local gastronomy».

The birth of this mascot accompanies another novelty: the Parish Council of Quarteira launches the first book of a collection of adventures, which Octávio will share with his best friend, Valentina.

The book “A Ânfora da Amizade” will be available in Portuguese and English and will be distributed in the libraries of schools in the parish.

“The importance of books in children's development, not only in cultural terms, but also in emotional and social terms, is crucial. The Adventures of Octávio will be a great link between parents and children, educators and teachers, and will serve as a tool for dialogue, learning, in addition to providing unique moments of affection, affection and exchange», adds the president of the Board.

At the beginning of next year 2023, “Aventuras do Octávio” will also be available for sale to the general public, at the premises of the Parish Council.

«Octávio, the Polvo de Quarteira, arrives in the parish to demonstrate that it is always possible to learn, grow, evolve and give the best of each of us, at all stages of our life. Octávio will be an example for the whole community», concludes the municipality.