New issue of the magazine “Limoeiro Real” brings together short stories, essays and poems by 12 authors

Project is assembled and edited in Tavira

Short stories, essays and poems by more than 12 classic and contemporary authors. Here's what you can find in the second issue of the “Limoeiro Real” magazine, edited by three people from Tavira, which is already on pre-sale.

After selling out the inaugural issue, dedicated to the summer, the second volume of this publication, focused on literature and illustration, arrives at the end of October.

«This project, assembled and edited in Tavira and with a circulation of 400 copies, bets on a cohesive set of voices, from different times and geographies, which converge and communicate through a careful graphic composition», says the editorial board.

This issue marks the arrival in Portugal of Daisy Hildyard, a British author who has stood out for her captivating essayistic fiction about the Anthropocene and climate change. She debuts with “Waste”, a tale about the expectation of motherhood and the price of humanity on Earth.

The reader is introduced to the visual work of Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida, in a series of color collages. There is an essay on the art of translation by Margarida Vale de Gato, based on a poem by Luiza Neto Jorge, as well as unpublished poetry by Elisabete Marques, Ana Rafael Rosado and by Hugo von Hofmannsthal, an exponent of Vienna at the end of the XNUMXth century. Through an excerpt presented by the heirs, the work of the novelist Alice Sampaio, author of a diverse work that ranges from science fiction to autobiography, is rescued.

New York poet Robin Myers and Peruvian Mario Montalbetti, renowned researcher in the field of linguistics, also debut in Portugal in the new edition of Limoeiro Real. There is a funeral evocation of the Day of the Dead, in a short story by the Brazilian Ricardo Domeneck, followed by a dissertation in verse about posterity, by the Nobel Prize in Literature Knut Hamsun.

In the section dedicated to the youngest, the reader will find poems by children's author Ana Pessoa and clippings by Hans Christian Andersen. The cover is by Chinese-German illustrator Yuxing Li.

With the editorial direction of Inês Viegas Oliveira and Mariano Alejandro Ribeiro, from Tavira, Limoeiro Real is on pre-sale until the 12th of October, with a 20% discount on the cover price.

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