Lagos celebrates Municipality Day with a bust of Cardinal Neto and 31 tributes

Celebrations were attended by towns twinned with Lagos, namely São Miguel (Cape Verde), Torres Vedras and Palos de La Frontera (Spain)

The inauguration of a bust of Cardinal Neto, former Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon, a guided tour on the history of S. Gonçalo and tributes to 31 personalities, collectivities and entities. This is how Lagos celebrated, this Thursday, October 27, its Municipal Holiday, lived “fully” after two years of a pandemic.

The celebrations started on the 26th, with a show by David Fonseca at the Cultural Centre, a regular presence in Lagos.

The following day, attention was turned to the various initiatives planned for the entire journey, always with S. Gonçalo de Lagos in mind, this year celebrating the 600th anniversary of his death.

Early in the morning, the flag-raising ceremony took place in Praça Gil Eanes, with the participation of the band from Sociedade Filarmónica Lacobrigense 1.º de Maio, Grupo Coral de Lagos and the presence of the Lagos Chamber and Municipal Assembly and the various local cultural and sporting associations.

During the morning, there was a guided tour on the history of S. Gonçalo, and a mass in honor of the patron saint of Lagos, presided over by D. Manuel Quintas, bishop of the Algarve, was also celebrated in the Church of Santa Maria.

The morning was also marked by the inauguration of the bust in honor of D. José Sebastião d'Almeida Neto (Cardeal Neto, 1841-1920), former Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon who was born in Lagos.

The formal session took place in the afternoon at the Lagos Cultural Center (which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year).

It was in a family atmosphere and with a community spirit that the ceremony took place with a “full house”, marked by strong emotions, applause, smiles and even nostalgia.

After the opening speech by the president of the Municipal Assembly Joaquina Matos, 31 personalities, collectivities and entities were honored by the municipality, having been highlighted for their work and dedication to the municipality and the Lacobrigense community.

In the case of silver grade municipal merit medals, the Ginástica Clube de Lagos, Hotelagos SA and Teatro Experimental de Lagos were awarded.

Gold medals were awarded to José Fonseca, António Mariano, Manuel Domingos Borba, Maria da Graça Cabrita, Vítor do Carmo, Maria Antónia Candeias, Manuel dos Santos Lucas and João Francisco Cascada.

The ceremony was also marked by the awarding of the collective gold degree municipal merit medal to all entities involved in the front line of combating the Covid-19 pandemic.

This distinction was given to the Volunteer Firefighters of Lagos, Portuguese Red Cross (Lagos Delegation), Civil Protection and Forest Defense Service, GNR (Lagos), Lagos Maritime Police, Lagos Municipal Police, PSP (Lagos), groups of Gil Eanes and Júlio Dantas schools. Social Security (Lagos), Parish Councils, services of Lagos City Council, Fonte de Vida Institute, Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lagos, Lagos Health Centre, Lagos Hospital and Portimão Hospital.

Hugo Pereira, mayor of Lacobrigena, closed the ceremony with a speech that praised the happy resumption of the solemn session to «appreciate and recognize the merit and the good examples to be replicated».

The day ended with the opening of an exhibition dedicated to the life and work of S. Gonçalo de Lagos, which can now be visited on the first floor of the Centro Cultural de Lagos.

The Municipality Day celebrations were attended by twin cities and collaboration and cooperation agreements with Lagos, namely São Miguel (Cape Verde), Torres Vedras and Palos de La Frontera (Spain), and this year the twinning celebrates 30 years of existence.

The commemorations of this event continued with more cultural initiatives, such as the session “Voices of women in the work of Saramago”, with Joana Manuel (Municipal Library, October 28, 21:00), the show “Elogio da Loucura” by A Barraca (Centro Cultural de Lagos, October 28, 21:30 pm), activities with inflatables at the Lagos Sports Complex (October 29, 9 am-00 pm), lecture “The village of Espiche – Aspects of its history (Clube ABC Espichense, October 18, 00 pm) ), Milonga – Arte Tango (CRCD Luzense, 29 October, 15 pm) and show “Anos d'Ouro das Big Bands” by Orquestra Ligeira de Lagos (Centro Cultural, 00 October, 29).