João Ricardo had an average of 19,16 and chose UAlg «in 1st option»

There were 31 new students entering UAlg with an average above 18 values, this school year

João Ricardo, Business Management student, was the student who entered this school year at the University of Algarve with the highest average, 19,16 values, and one of the 31 new students at the institution to enter with an average above 18 values. 

With 19,16 values, the UAlg pointed out, the young person from Loulé “could have opted for any course, but he chose, as a first option”, the course at the Faculty of Economics at UAlg.

Coming from Loulé Secondary School, João Ricardo confesses that it was not an easy choice. «I had several options, all quite dispersed, from completely different areas, but, of all, Business Management seemed to me the course that opened the biggest and most varied number of possibilities for me in the future», he says.

But why UAlg and not another university?

«For many, the Algarve is a tourist paradise. It is a privilege to be able to study in a place with these characteristics. That's why I chose the University of Algarve. Because it's not just about “studying where it's good to live”, those who come to UAlg quickly realize that “it's living where it's good to study”. UAlg should be proud of what it offers its students», explains João Ricardo.

Now, more than a month after starting his university life, he says he is satisfied with the choice he made “for every reason. Adaptation becomes easy when the environment is harmonious and peaceful, like that of the Faculty of Economics. We feel that we are in a unique habitat, which makes us appreciate how lucky we are to be here».

An average of 19,16 is unusual, especially because, in this student's view, there is no formula for achieving it.

“I would say that the motivation to always do more and better is what should guide us. Truly believing that it is possible to reach certain levels and not staying long enough makes a difference», he advises.

In his personal case, João Ricardo points out, this determination was added to «the luck of having family and friends who contributed to this and I also owe thanks to my school and the teachers who came across me for everything they provided me».

«I always wanted to be a teacher and I honestly think I will be, because it is where I see myself doing what I like», he concludes.

All students who entered the UAlg, in the first option, with an application grade equal to or greater than 17, will be entitled to a scholarship of excellence. Awarded to the best students of each undergraduate and integrated master's course, who enrolled in the 1st year, for the first time, the scholarships fully pay the tuition fee, which is set at 697 euros.