Patients have "the best treatment", says CHUA about radiosurgery in Seville

«It is a setback that none of us can admit and that is not justified in the light of existing technology in the region», defends PSD Algarve

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The Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Algarve (CHUA) confirms that the radiosurgery treatments, “which involve a single displacement of the patient”, are being carried out in Seville, fulfilling the conditions agreed in a tender won by a Spanish unit and guaranteeing “conditions of excellence to patients”. 

The statements are from Hora Guerreiro, clinical director of CHUA, to the Sul Informação, responding to PSD Algarve's accusations about sending patients from the region to Spain.

The clinical director of CHUA clarified that radiotherapy and radiosurgery are “very different” treatments, starting with the fact that radiosurgery implies “a single displacement of the patient”.

“There was a contest, Spain won, legally, and we have to fulfill the conditions of that contest. From a medical point of view, I am fully aware that it is an entity of excellence and that we are offering our patients the best possible treatment. Traveling is always uncomfortable, but the patient is accompanied to receive a unique treatment with great quality», says the doctor.

In a note, PSD Algarve claims to be “surprised by the news that cancer patients from the Algarve are being sent to Seville for radiosurgery treatments, which has already been repudiated by the Algarve Oncological Association”.

The Algarve social democrats recall that «about six months ago, it was possible, due to the clamor generated in the region and a lot of political pressure, to stop the tender procedure that would take radiotherapy treatments to Spain».

The party also reinforces that this "is a setback that none of us can admit and that is not justified in the light of existing technology in the region."


Horácio Guerreiro – Photo: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação (file)


«We are talking about a reputable entity, with excellent conditions and, therefore, we believe that the patient to go to Seville is to give him the best possible treatment that we can give him. The patient travels in a paid ambulance and undergoes treatment in a modern hospital with all conditions. This does not mean that, in Portugal, these conditions do not exist, but it was Spain that won the competition and we have to respect that», explains the clinical director of CHUA.

About radiotherapy, the director guarantees that there are no patients going to Spain and explains that “due to the situation of being dependent on third parties” for some treatments and exams in the oncology specialty, CHUA has already proposed having its own cancer center unit.

“As far as I know, there are community funds for that. We want CHUA to fulfill the mission that will be assigned to Hospital Central do Algarve even before it is ready», concluded the official.