PS deputies want meeting with PSD to ensure advancement of Central Hospital

«Hospital Central e Universitário do Algarve is a facility on which there has always been a broad regional consensus», say the Algarve deputies of the PS

The PS deputies elected by the Algarve proposed this Tuesday, October 18, to the PSD parliamentarians elected by this constituency to hold a meeting this week, with a view to building a "common basis of unequivocal support for progress in this legislature» of the new Central and University Hospital of the Algarve in Parque das Cidades.

In an open letter sent to the Algarve social-democratic deputies, Jamila Madeira, Luís Graça, Francisco Oliveira, Jorge Botelho and Isabel Guerreiro begin by recalling that «the construction of the new Central and University Hospital of the Algarve is an equipment on which there has always been a large regional consensus".

The Socialist deputies point out that, «since at least 2005», all political forces in the region «defend and demand this health equipment», assuming that «its location will respect the agreement reached between the municipalities of Faro and Loulé, which made land in Parque das Cidades available free of charge to the State", which goes against the wish expressed a few weeks ago by José Carlos Rolo, mayor of Albufeira (PSD), who wants the construction of the hospital in your county.

«The Socialist Party and the Social Democratic Party have different positions on multiple social and economic aspects, but on the Central and University Hospital of the Algarve they have always maintained an important political convergence», say the PS parliamentarians, pointing out aspects of this convergence, namely, «about your need» as well as «about your location».

The Algarve deputies recall that «the Government has included the construction of the new Hospital Central do Algarve in its programme», having also already approved, in the Council of Ministers on the 29th of September, «a resolution for the opening of a Public Private Partnership to its construction".

«At the same time, in the PSD Algarve, there was a set of irreconcilable statements», refer the socialists, who note that, «if, on the one hand, the president of the PSD Algarve regretted the lost time, on the other hand, the mayor Municipality of Albufeira stated that he wanted the new hospital built in his municipality».

«Without wanting to get involved in the partisan details of who represents whom, which only concerns PSD Algarve militants, I cannot help but consider it dangerous that, at the moment when the Government decides to proceed with the process of the new Central University Hospital of the Algarve , a discussion about its location begins at PSD Algarve», states, in the letter, the deputy and president of the Algarve PS Federation Luís Graça.

The PS parliamentarian also recalls that both parties assumed, in the last legislative elections on 30 January, «the advance of the Central and University Hospital of the Algarve in their respective electoral commitments with the Algarve».

«Let us leave the doubts to the location of the new Lisbon Airport. We, in the Algarve, want and know where to build the new Central and University Hospital of the Algarve», underlines the deputy in the letter to those elected by the PSD.

Expressing himself «absolutely convinced that what we need now is compromise and convergence», Luís Graça thus proposes «holding a meeting during this week between the deputies of the Socialist Party and the Social Democratic Party elected by the Algarve», so that "a common base of unequivocal support for the advancement of our new hospital in this legislature" can be built.