Delimitation of the Tunis Urban Rehabilitation Area is under public consultation

This is already the seventh Urban Rehabilitation Area that the Municipality of Silves promotes

A public consultation session within the scope of the proposal for the delimitation of the Tunis Urban Rehabilitation Area (ARU) will take place this Friday, October 7th, at 21:00 pm, at the Lifelong Education Pole of Tunis, in an initiative of the Municipality of Silves.

The municipality emphasizes that "the delimitation of this ARU will define a set of tax benefits and financial support for carrying out urban urban rehabilitation operations in its area of ​​intervention, so that participants in this session will get to know the tax incentives and financial support that can be accessed by both building owners and tenants, as well as associations, collectives and non-profit societies located in the ARU of Tunis, following its approval'.

With this delimitation, it is thus promoted «the rehabilitation of the agglomerate, as well as its regeneration and revitalization», he adds.

This is already the seventh Urban Rehabilitation Area promoted by the Municipality of Silves, with the ARUs of Silves, Alcantarilha, São Bartolomeu de Messines, Algoz, São Marcos da Serra and Pêra having already been created.

«With this public consultation, another step is taken towards the implementation of the urban rehabilitation strategy towards its effective materialisation».