Culatra receives the Sustainable Island seal from the Small Islands Organization

During SMILO's annual conference

Culatra received the Sustainable Island “seal”, awarded by the Small Islands Organization (SMILO), in a ceremony that took place on the 28th of September, at Clube União Culatrense.

The award in question is awarded "to the islands that, within the scope of the SMILO certification process, stood out for the performance and quality of the work carried out in favor of sustainability, which includes and highlights Culatra Island, which at one time saw certificates two fundamental pillars of sustainability, namely in terms of Water and Energy», according to the Culatra Island Residents Association (AMIC).

This was one of the highlights of the SMILO – Sustainable Islands annual conference, which took place on Culatra Island between the 25th and 28th of October, organized by the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDRA) and the Municipality of Faro, in conjunction with the University of Algarve (UAlg), AMIC and Make it Better (miB), as promoters of the Culatra2030 – Sustainable Community initiative.

«Bringing together representatives from small islands in the Mediterranean, Africa, Europe and the Indian Ocean, this event promoted by the Small Islands Organization (SMILO) and the Conservatoire du Litoral (France), with the support of the French Fund for the Global Environment (FFEM), allowed the sharing of knowledge and concrete actions implemented in the more than 30 islands that, throughout the world, are part of the network, addressing topics such as renewable energy, self-financing solutions, sustainable fishing and circular economy", explained the residents' association.

Obtaining the SMILO certification is «another important achievement for Ilha a Culatra and for the strategy of the Culatra2030 (Sustainable Energy Community) initiative, one of the most outstanding sustainability and energy transition projects on a national and international scale.

SMILO's approach is anchored in shared governance and promotes the sustainable development of each territory for the benefit of its population and its environment.

The islands’ dedication to this cause is recognized by the award of the Sustainable Island “seal”, «constituting an international recognition for small islands that strive to improve the management and conservation of their natural and cultural resources».

«The seal aims to highlight the conservation challenges in small islands and promote territories that are true “laboratories” with a role to play in demonstrating best practices in sustainable development, in the protection of natural and cultural resources and, in general, in the ecological transition », reinforced AMIC.