Catarina Marques is the new coordinator of the Algarve Union of Trade Unions

The congress was attended by Isabel Camarinha, secretary general of the CGTP/In

Catarina Marques, 45 years old, teacher and union leader of the Union of Teachers of the South Zone (SPZS), is the new coordinator of the Union of Unions of Algarve/CGTP-IN.

At the Congress, which took place on the 27th, at the University of Algarve's Penha Campus, in Faro, the new board of the Algarve Union of Unions was elected, consisting of 29 members from 17 unions, the Executive Committee and the coordinator.

Under the motto “Valuing Salaries, Defending Rights, Qualifying Employment, More Strength in the Fight of Workers”, the Congress, which was attended by the secretary general of the CGTP-IN Isabel Camarinha, discussed the political, labor, economic and social situation of the Algarve region.



Through the many interventions, the main demands of workers from different sectors and the main forms of struggle for the intransigent defense of their rights were exposed.

From this congress, «the lines of work and intervention for the future emerged and a great unity and strength of the Algarve workers and their class unions in the mobilization of the entire union structure for the intensification of demanding action and intervention in companies, places of work and services", stresses the USALG in a statement.

Such mobilization “will have to be articulated with the strengthening of unionization, the election of union delegates and workers' representatives for safety and health at work commissions”.



«In a region based on a single economic model – Tourism, where low wages and enormous precariousness prevail, the deregulation of working hours and seasonality, workers also denounced the inability of this economic model to promote the harmonious development of the Algarve and to transform it in a region of social welfare, with employment with rights and decent wages», adds the Union of Trade Unions.

«What the workers and their representative unions say is that it is possible to live better in the region, and in the country, and they do not accept the discourse of inevitabilities or the lesser evil and demand a response to the brutal increase in the cost of living and the increase in exploitation. », he underlines.

“Workers urgently demand an increase in wages and pensions, the regulation of working hours, the defense of public services and the elimination of all burdensome rules for workers contained in labor legislation”, he also says.

The Congress also approved two resolutions entitled “More salary! Best Pensions!” and “Valuing wages, qualifying employment, developing the Algarve”. And a motion was passed “For peace, against war!”.