Castro Marim receives final show of the “Aguarte” project

on the 8st

The final show of the environmental awareness project “Aguarte”, held as part of the World Water Day celebrations, will be presented on October 8, at 15:00 pm, at the Castro Marim Municipal Library.

This is an initiative of the company “Águas do Algarve” and the Portuguese Red Cross that was developed together with various social groups, «translating into the creation of various concepts and artistic expressions, always based on the preservation of water and its value. to human life», according to the Castro Marim Chamber.

«The final show, which will now be presented in Castro Marim, brings together the result of this creative process, with the exhibition of works prepared in the various schools, presentation of a play and performance of movement and voice, by singer Cátia Alhandra and Tiago Rêgo, a percussionist musician», he adds.

This will be «a sound journey through ancestral songs linked to water, ancient prayers set to music, in a space that refers to the “symbolic waters in each of us and the reflection of this intercommunication between human beings and nature”».

“Aguarte” is a free show, but with mandatory registration until the 6th of October, which can be done at the local parish councils and at the Municipal Support Office, in Castro Marim.