Algarve Football Association celebrated its centenary with a gala that brought together 400 people

The gala served to present, with a video clip, the new anthem of the AFA

400 people participated this Sunday, October 16, in the 100th anniversary gala of the Algarve Football Association (AFA) which took place in the Grand Auditorium of the Gambelas Campus of the University of Algarve (UAlg), in Faro. 

The initiative was attended by Reinaldo Teixeira, president of the AFA Board, Rogério Bacalhau, president of the Chamber of Faro, João Paulo Correia, Secretary of State for Youth and Sport, Custódio Moreno, Regional Director of the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth, Fernando Gomes, President of the Board of the Portuguese Football Federation, Rui Caeiro, Executive Director of Liga Portugal, André Botelheiro , representative of UAlg, Alves Caetano, chairman of the Board of the General Assembly of the AFA, and representatives of the Municipal Councils of the Algarve, District and Regional Football Associations.

The gala was used to present, with a video clip, the new anthem of AFA, which returned to the stage at the end with the live performance of the band, composed by the Algarve João Tiago Neto (author and vocalist), Ana Tereza (vocalist), Dave Negri ( drummer), Razvan Crestin (bass), Rui Daniel (guitar) and André de Oliveira (synthesizers). The work will soon be released on digital platforms.

Alves Caetano, João Paulo Correia, Fernando Gomes and Reinaldo Teixeira spoke at the ceremony led by Alexandre Moura and Patrícia Manguito, – which also featured the interventions of Armando Alves, author of the book “Associação de Futebol do Algarve – 100 Years”, and Luís Coelho, vice-president of the AFA -, and which included moments of tribute to the founding clubs, the former Presidents of the AFA Board, António Matos, the UAlg, the 16 municipalities, the Liga Portugal, the FPF and even a minute of silence in memory of all former AFA sports agents.

In between, in addition to the presentations of the video alluding to the recently held municipal programs and the models of the new Headquarters and AFA Academy, there was space for two musical moments by the Algarve accordionist Nelson Conceição and a contemporary dance performance, carried out by the group “Incorpora”.

The contents presented at the Gala and others related to the AFA Centenary will be made available shortly.