ALUT, Portugal's longest running race, is back in the Algarve in November

This year, the route goes in the opposite direction of the first editions, therefore, from Cabo de São Vicente to Alcoutim

ALUT – Photo: Susana Luzir

The fifth edition of the Algarviana Ultra Trail (ALUT), which is almost sold out, will tour the Algarve region from one end to the other, from the 24th to the 27th of November, organized by Algarve Trail Running.

The race, considered as «unavoidable in the history of national ultra endurance», includes a challenging 300 kilometers that connect the interior of the Algarve, mostly along the Via Algarviana.

This year, the route goes in the opposite direction of the first editions, therefore, from Cabo de São Vicente to Alcoutim. “The athletes asked and, as this is a race for athletes for athletes, the ALUT organization decided to run the course for two years for each side. Thus, it is possible to diversify the challenge and we have two records to beat”, explains the organization.


Photo: João Delgado


This year, the first champion, João Oliveira, is back in the match, after his absence last year, but he won't go without competition. Frenchman Stevan Pavlovic promises to face him, as he did in the second edition.

Of note is the debut of the experienced Armando Teixeira in this challenge, which is tested at distance. And the best thing is not to underestimate the French Claire Bannwarth, who, in Portugal, was already the winner of the PT281 overall.

“It should be noted that in the first edition, ALUT had only one woman to participate. In 2021, we had 12 and now 9. There are more and more adventurers in the 300 km”, recalls the organization.


Photo: João Delgado


There are also three teams of four members registered for now, who will experience a different way of experiencing ALUT. If traveling solo is a huge challenge, doing it as a team brings the added challenge of logistics and synchrony between the different elements.

“There must always be an athlete in the competition and exchanges can only be carried out in the places defined for that purpose. Therefore, our real-time monitoring system plays a leading role here”, highlights the organization.

It is this system of monitoring the athletes live that allows the organization to maintain security, since the event is not scheduled; and to those who are attending the event to know the second where the participants are. Thus, it is easier to know when and where athletes are passing.

“In a competition of this size, support for participants is essential, so that they remain motivated. Despite the commitment of the organization and the volunteers, having people to assist and encourage is an added value for everyone. Therefore, the ALUT organization invites everyone who can to come and spend the weekend in the Algarve and support these brave people”.


Photo: Vasco Cabos


The task of supporting, encouraging and animating ALUT participants is facilitated by the organization, which makes available, in addition to the live monitoring system, the places where the athletes pass and the estimated times.

“In this way, those accompanying the athletes, but also those who come just to watch the event, can carry out their own program around the Algarve and always be in the right place at the right time”, concludes the organization.

The Via Algarviana, whose management and maintenance is the responsibility of Associação Almargem, is a Great Pedestrian Route (GR13) that connects Alcoutim to Cabo de São Vicente.

The approximately 300 kilometers of the GR13 route, mostly located in the Algarve Mountains, cross nine municipalities in the Algarve: Alcoutim, Castro Marim, Tavira, São Brás de Alportel, Loulé, Silves, Monchique, Lagos and Vila do Bispo.

With the objective of promoting low-density territories and expanding the region's tourist offer, the Via Algarviana it gets close to places of natural and cultural interest, as well as accommodation and restaurant services, boosting the local economy of the Algarve interior. It is possible to contribute to the maintenance of Via Algarviana through a donation to its management entity. You can find out more about this and other information about the Via Algarviana click here.


Photo: Vasco Cabos