Vila Real de Santo António ends with paid parking in the municipality

Municipality wants to terminate the concession contract currently held by the company Parking at Surface and Underground

Vila Real de Santo António will proceed with the resolution of the concession contract for the paid parking in the county, a decision that is based on “the successive breaches of the concessionaire and the absence of information regarding the values ​​of the revenue collected” in 2021 and in the months of June and July of this year, says the municipality. 

In this sense, a proposal will be presented at an Extraordinary Chamber Meeting, this Wednesday, September 28, to terminate the concession contract currently held by the company ESSE – Parking at the Surface and Underground.

According to Álvaro Araújo, president of the VRSA Chamber, “the company’s repeated pattern of opposition constitutes a serious breach of contractual obligations, a fact that has prevented the municipality from exercising its power to inspect and validate the amounts actually collected and, consequently, verification of compliance with the concession contract'.

In a note, the municipality also recalls that the municipality, under the terms of the concession, is, for example, entitled to receive a monthly income of 25 percent of the overall revenue obtained in the high season months.

However, in view of the lack of detailed information from ESSE, namely the provision of supporting documentation, it was not possible to observe the fulfillment of this obligation, and inconsistencies and omissions were also detected with regard to the transferred funds.

«In view of all these non-compliances, we believe that the end of the concession of the charged parking that has been charged, in an unbridled way, in the parishes of Vila Real de Santo António and Monte Gordo, is the only fair and viable solution to defend the interests of the municipality and all citizens», concludes Álvaro Araújo.

The desire to end paid parking had already been announced to the Sul Informação by the mayor during this interview.