Are we going to “FAVA” in Loulé?

This is the third edition of the festival

Lectures, sessions showcooking, documentaries, concerts and much more, always with sustainability and veganism as a motto. The 3rd edition of FAVA – Algarve Environment and Vegan Fair will take place on the 16th and 17th of September, next to the Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco monument, in Loulé. 

This is the third edition of a festival dedicated to all things connected with sustainability and vegan products and services, organized by the Portuguese Vegetarian Association (AVP) and supported by the Loulé City Council.

This year, FAVA will feature national artists such as Zé Manel (vocalist of Fingertips) and Funkoff (with Jéssica Cipriano), but
also with lectures on topics ranging from electric mobility to the relationship between bodybuilding and veganism.

The event will also have sessions of showcooking, by the hands of figures such as Gabriela Oliveira, author of vegetarian cookbooks, and others such as Cocoon Cooks.

There will also be little taverns for food and drinks (without animal products) and many other exhibitors.

«100% plant-based cuisine can be available to everyone, with easy-to-make and tasty dishes. It is important to train our skills in the kitchen to have a healthier and more sustainable diet», says Gabriela Oliveira, who will carry out a showcooking on the 17th, at FAVA.

FAVA started in 2018, at the hands of Domingos Pereira and Rosa de Sousa.



Friday, 16th of September

16:30 – Showcooking Cocoon Cooks
18:00 – Conversation with Heitor Lourenço
19:00 – Sea Shepherd, debate on the preservation of the oceans
21pm – Black Lion Concert
22:30 – Zé Manel Concert

Saturday 17th of September

12:00 – Showcooking Violife
14h00 – Rafael Pinto, sport and veganism
15h00 – Animal Save & Care Portugal
16:00 – Showcooking Gabriela Oliveira
17h00 – Myths about electric mobility (UVE)
19:30 – Anymal Racional Concert
22:30pm – Funkoff Concert