A ton of sardines seized in Sagres

By over-capture

A ton of sardines (pilchardus sardina) was seized yesterday, 6 September, for over-harvesting in Sagres.

«In the course of an inspection carried out at Lota de Sagres, which aimed to control the discharges of the sardine species, a notice of administrative offense was raised, after it was found that a vessel exceeded its daily quota by one ton», says the GNR in note.

The vessel's master, a 68-year-old man, was identified, and the fish seized was sold at auction, with the proceeds of the sale being subject to the order of the process.

The seizure was made by the Coastal Control Unit (UCC) through the Portimão Coastal Control Sub-detachment.

The UCC recalls that the capture of the sardine species must be carried out in order to guarantee, in the long term, the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the fishery, in accordance with national and community guidelines.