Portimão promotes free physical activities for everyone in the European Week of Sport

Between the 23th and 30th of September

The Municipality of Portimão marks another European Week of Sport #BeActive with free activities for citizens, between the 23rd and 30th of September. 

The program is promoted in partnership with the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth (IPDJ) and is carried out within the scope of the Sport for All Programme. The objective of the municipality is to raise awareness «all segments of the population to the importance and advantages of a regular practice, in favor of their health, with the support of the local associative movement and the five Groups of Schools in the municipality».

O Beactive Day marks the start of the program on the 23rd of September, in the form of a masterclass fitness session scheduled for 17:30 pm at the Portimão Marina. The activity is open to all participants and does not require prior registration.

The 24th will be dedicated to family sports and will be celebrated with several proposals in all the parishes of the county. At 9:30 am, the Mexilhoeira Grande Sports Complex hosts an open swimming lesson for parents and children aged 3 and up. Those interested in participating must formalize the registration via email cdmgrande@cm-portimao.pt.

In Alvor, there will be sports games at the Sports Complex, starting at 10:00 am, for all participants from 4 years old, registration must be done via email cdalvor@cm- portimao.pt.

In Praia da Rocha, the beach modalities will be the highlight for families, who will be challenged to try soccer, beach volleyball and footvolley. The activities are open to participants from the age of 7, and registration must be made via email to Desporto@cm-portimao.pt.

At 20:00, the Beactive Night, which challenges all participants, aged 14 and over, to participate in a night water aerobics class at the Alvor Sports Complex. In addition to these activities, there is also the 3rd Aquathlon O2, which starts at 11:45 am, at Praia da Restinga, in Alvor, and the dance workshops that take place at the Teatro Municipal de Portimão, within the scope of Portugal a Dançar .

At 15:30 pm, dance lovers can participate in the Dancehall workshop, with dancer Daniela Dias, at 16:45 pm João Costa will give the Latin dance workshop, with the bollywood workshop scheduled for 18:00 pm, with dancer Allana Rosa. Participation in the workshops is free, but requires prior registration.

The 25th of September, dedicated to nautical and nature sports, includes the Bike Day that will be marked between 10:00 and 13:00 in the space promoted by the Tic-Tac Bike Tour (next to the Alvor Sports Complex), with the activity “ Learning to Pedalar”, aimed at children from 4 years old, accompanied by their parents, with or without a bicycle.

The date will also be marked by the holding of the V António Moura Trophy and the II António Pereira Fishing Contest, organized by the Clube Naval de Portimão, and by the Petanque Interassociations Cup, from 10:00 am, in the riverside area of ​​Portimão, and the grand final do Portugal a Dançar, taking place from 16:00 pm in the Grand Auditorium of TEMPO.

On the 26th, Sports Day at Work, there will be a mobility and labor gymnastics class at 10:15 am in Largo 1º de Maio. The 27th was reserved for urban sports, with the “Gil Eanes” Street Football Tournament, at 18:30, at the Polisportivo in the Gil Eanes garden: with free registration to the email gejupce-portimao@afalgarve.pt and with the open training of cross training and functional training, promoted by Cross Arade, at 18:00, at Parque de Street Workout do Pontal (registration: crossarade@gmail.com).

Inclusive sport is celebrated on the 28th with an open karate class, at 18:00, in Largo 1º de Maio. Participation in this initiative will be promoted by the International Japan Karate Associação Portugal and is free, and registration must be done via email ijkaportugal@gmail.com.



Senior Sports Day, on 29 September, will be marked with a mega-class commemorating the 20th anniversary of the municipal project Exercise and Health, scheduled for 10:00 am at the Portimão Gimnodesportivo Pavilion. On the same day, open classes in senior karate and water aerobics are held.

Finally, on the European Day of Sports at School, which is celebrated on September 30, the Praia da Rocha Sports Area will be the stage for beach sports games for the school community, with the aim of providing contact with different modalities.

The initiative is organized by the Agrupamento de Escolas Manuela Teixeira Gomes, and will have the participation of fifty of its students.

The European Week of Sport 2022 is an initiative developed by the European Commission and coordinated, in Portugal, by the IPDJ with the aim of promoting sport and, inherently, physical activity among all citizens.