JAT theater workshops return to Faro

The workshops are supported by the Municipality of Faro, from the Gymnasium Club of Faro and the GDA Foundation

Two theater workshops, promoted by Colectivo JAT, start next October, at Gimásio Clube de Faro. 

The Actors Training Workshop will take place every Monday between 19:15 and 21:15 and the Physical Theater workshop, every Friday from 18:30 to 21:30.

The workshops are aimed at all people, with or without experience, and are designed not only for those who want to investigate or explore a career in theater and acting, but also for all those who want to increase their artistic, expressive and creative abilities.

The trainers are Diana Bernedo and Miguel Martins Pessoa, actors and specialists in physical theater, artistic directors of JAT – Janela Aberta Teatro, who have spent several years as trainers in performing arts, in Portugal and internationally.

Regarding the contents, the “Actor Training” workshop is divided into three phases: “Technique and Improvisation”, which addresses various theatrical components, such as text, voice, breathing, singing, body expression, presence, space, among other disciplines and tools, with the aim of providing the group with scenic language.

Research and creation, which explores multiple ways of approaching the creative process, awakening the imagination, artistic expression and character creation.

The stage of construction of the show, presented to the public at the end of the workshop in which the members will participate in the creative process in the areas of interpretation, dramaturgy, scenography, costumes and/or music, with the support and staging of the trainers.

In the case of the Physical Theater Workshop, this training aims to introduce the fundamental tools and principles of Physical Theater through many and varied disciplines and languages, from different origins and cultures, but with a common basis and nature, which allow the development of an artist and a more complete human being. The transversal aspects are pre-expression, expression, interpretation and creation.

The contents covered will be Scenic Mime, Suzuki Method, Movement, Pantomime, Neutral Mask, Expressive Mask, Viewpoints, Clown, Commedia dell'Arte, Interpretation, Voice, Training, Improvisation and Creation, as well as the methodologies and philosophies of relevant theater visionaries. of the XNUMXth century such as Étienne Decroux, Marcel Marceau, Jacques Lecoq, Tadashi Suzuki, among others.

The final shows of the JAT theater workshops are already a cultural moment of considerable interest, having been in great demand in previous editions, with all sessions sold out, and in some cases, they were presented again on other stages.

The workshops are supported by the Municipality of Faro, from the Gymnasium Club of Faro and the GDA Foundation.

Entries can be made to the email: [email protected].