Exhibition “At the end of the line” commemorates the centenary of the arrival of the train in Lagos

Questão Repetida promotes its fourth photographic exhibition of Ciclo Trechos, to mark the centenary of the arrival of the train in Lagos and seeking to alert to the current lack of mobility of this public service

The photography exhibition «No Fim da Linha», by Telma Veríssimo, can be visited until December 31 at Anel Verde (opposite the mini-golf in Lagos).

Allied to the celebrations of the “Centennial of the Arrival of the Train to Lagos”, the exhibition, which debuted in another part of the city, last July, during the Arte Doce competition fair, is a documentary photographic project that reflects on the divergent realities of the Lagos and the surrounding area, 100 years after the arrival of the train. «The arrival of the first carriages brought the promise of development and local prosperity, but now the Station is no longer the same», emphasizes the association Questão Repetida, which promotes the exhibition.

Telma Verissimo was born in Faro and has been a professional photographer since 1993. She graduated in Photography at Escola Superior Artística do Porto in 1994 and returned to the Algarve, where she collaborated regularly with regional and national publications such as Publico, Diário de Notícias, Casas de Portugal magazine, Jornal do Algarve and Barlavento newspaper, until 2006.

She has been a photography teacher since 1995 and, over the years, has collaborated as a photojournalist with various entities in the Algarve: Associação In Loco, Municipalities of Faro, Olhão e Castro Marim, Algarve Tourism Region, CCDR Algarve, Archaeological Museum and Lapidar Infante D. Henrique, ACTA (The Algarve Theater Company).

Alongside his professional activity, he has developed personal projects of an artistic and documentary nature that have given rise to exhibitions. The preservation of the environment and the culture of the Algarve has been a transversal concern in these works.

In book format, he published “Sagres – O Começo”, edited by Bons Ofícios – Associação Cultural, in 2010, and “Passeio Público – Jardins, Alamedas e Recantos Ajardinados do Algarve”, produced by Associação Cultural Música XXI, in 2007.

Between 2016 and 2017, he made the photographic documentary “Viagem Interior – Desertificação e Depopoamento no Algarve”, which gave rise to a traveling exhibition that passed through several locations, including the Assembly of the Republic between 7 and 14 June 2017. The project is published as a book and can be visited online at www.viageminterior.pt.


The main objective of the Trechos cycle, promoted by the association Questão Repetida and in which this photographic exhibition by Tela Veríssimo is part, is, «through photography as an instrument of historical and cultural reconstruction, to build and simultaneously recover a memory, through the confrontation of a past of hope and modernity, to vulgarization and oblivion», explains the association.

«With the Trechos project, we intend to analyze the impact of the arrival of the train in an extremely isolated and rural area and observe the transformation of a century. The Algarve line has always been so important for the region, but, at the same time, so forgotten about the interests of the population it serves, it provides one of the most beautiful trips that can be done through the region, far from the tourist attractions and draws a border of an Algarve. of deep contrasts. The project therefore proposes to connect the Algarve line to its population, particularly to the population of Lagos», highlights the Repeated Question.

The cycle and respective exhibitions have the support of the Directorate-General for Arts, Municipality of Lagos, Infrastructures of Portugal, Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve and Region of Tourism of the Algarve.