Cristóvão Norte gives trips to Brussels in exchange for signatures on the petition for the new hospital

The trips in question were made available by an MEP

North Cristóvão - Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação

A trip to the European Parliament, in Brussels, with accommodation included, paid for by the European Union, is the prize that Cristóvão Norte, the president of the PSD Algarve, is offering to anyone who can collect the most signatures for the petition “New Hospital Central do Algarve Now”. ”, that the launched in August, at the Festa do Pontal.

Contacted by Sul Informação, Cristóvão Norte said that the idea arose “from the fact that MEPs have a certain number of trips per year and can invite whoever they want”.

One MEP “made some of these trips available” to Cristóvão Norte, who decided to offer them.

“Want to meet the European Parliament? For the 5 people who gather the most signatures for the petition “Novo Hospital Central do Algarve Já” that I recently launched, a trip is offered, with accommodation included, to visit the European Parliament, in Brussels, between 28 and 30 November», reads himself in a post on the Facebook page of the former Social Democrat deputy.

“I understood that the best way for these trips to have meaning is to put them at the service of the community”, justified the regional leader of the PSD, who assures that he is promoting the petition, “in the first place, as a citizen”.

«This is a cause recognized across the Algarve and in the country. The social and political consensus is uncontroversial. I understood that it was a form of relationship with civil society and of deepening democracy, to reward those who were more committed to this cause", he defended, in his statements to the Sul Informação.

«I think this is a matter for the Algarve. It's not from any particular citizen, or from any party, or anything like that", she reinforced.

Asked if this was not a sign that the collection of signatures was not going as expected, Cristóvão Norte downplayed it.

«We launched the petition about a month ago, at Festa do Pontal, where we collected about a thousand signatures. Later, on the doorstep of Festival F, we collected 440 more. The day before yesterday, the online petition was launched, which already has 230 signatures”, he said.

The «minimum level» is 7500 signatures, enough to ensure that the construction of the new Hospital Central do Algarve is discussed in plenary in the Assembly of the Republic.

“The more we collect, the better. But there is no set deadline. I know from experience that the process of collecting signatures is very difficult, people are often afraid to give their data», concluded Cristóvão Norte.