Castro Marim builds «decent housing for 109 families»

An investment of 4,6 million euros will be made

The Municipality of Castro Marim will build, by 2025, "decent housing for 109 families, a universe of 282 people", the municipality announced today.

The investment of around 4,6 million euros, which will be carried out under the 1st Right programme, will allow responding to households identified in a situation of vulnerability, and includes both the construction of new housing and the rehabilitation of existing houses. .

At the same time, the municipality is trying to «find solutions for families who, although not weakened, are also unable to access housing, due to the real estate situation that the country is going through».

«Thus, Castro Marim's housing policy also favors a new regulation of municipal tax benefits, the construction of housing for sale at controlled costs, the Accessible Lease Program and the sale of lots for housing construction at controlled costs», reveals the Castromarinense Chamber.

These bets are enshrined in Castro Marim's Local Housing Strategy (ELH), a document presented yesterday, at the same session in which the agreement was signed to finance the construction of affordable housing in the municipality, between the Castromarinense municipality and the Instituto da Housing and Urban Rehabilitation (IHRU).

The signing of this agreement, which allows Castro Marim to access funding for the “1st Law” program», took place in the auditorium of the Municipal Library of Castro Marim and was attended by Marina Gonçalves, Secretary of State for Housing.

«We need strategic and cohesion measures that reduce the bill that the Algarve pays for being a tourist region. The right to housing for Castromarines is the same, but its costs are double that of the other regions of the country», illustrated Francisco Amaral, mayor of Castro Marim,

For the mayor, the 1st Law is an “effective but insufficient response to a problem that cuts across all sectors of the Algarve economy”.