Bulgarian sailing off Cape São Vicente rescued from heli

Man was taken to Lisbon

A 67-year-old Bulgarian, crew member of a merchant ship and who had "very weak vital signs", was rescued in the early hours of Sunday, September 25, when she was sailing about 45 miles (83 kilometers) south of Cape of São Vicente (Sagres).

The alert was received at 2:34 am, through the emergency radio channel, “the ship having reported having an element on board with very weak vital signs”, says the Portuguese Navy, in a statement.

Immediately, “communication was established with the ship by satellite telephone and medical assistance was coordinated by telephone with the support of the Urgent Patient Guidance Center (CODU-MAR), an organization that declared the need to carry out the urgent rescue”.

With the collaboration of the Portuguese Air Force (FAP), an EH-101 helicopter was deployed, which carried out the medical rescue at around 7:15 am.

During the journey, “health care was provided by the on-board medical team”.

The FAP aircraft landed at Figo Maduro aerodrome, in Lisbon, just after 8:00 am. The man was taken to a hospital.