Boat with two people on board runs aground on the jetty of Portimão bar

One of the crew had to be assisted

A pleasure craft with two crew members ran aground on the West pier of Barra de Portimão, last night, Saturday, the 17th.

One of the victims suffered minor injuries and was transported to a hospital.

The alert for the occurrence was given at around 22:50 pm and elements of the local Command of the Maritime Police of Portimão, the Portimão Fire Department, INEM and the Portuguese Red Cross were sent to the scene.

When they arrived at the scene, "it was found that there was no source of pollution and that the two crew members of the vessel managed to reach land by their own means, with the help of the Portimão Fire Department, where INEM elements were waiting to help the victims", according to the National Maritime Authority.

The vessel owner has been notified to submit a pleasure craft removal plan.