AMAL promotes a visit by Norwegian partners to the Algarve to discuss climate change

Actions took place on the 14th and 15th of September

The Algarve Intermunicipal Community (AMAL) promoted, on the 14th and 15th of September, a workshop and a visit to Lagos with the municipal technicians and Norwegian partners of the project AwK – Adaptation with Knowledge, Climate Change, with the aim of sharing knowledge on adaptation to climate change.

The initiatives integrate the communication, awareness and exchange aspects of AwK, an AMAL project through which the bases are being created to implement the Intermunicipal Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change (PIAAC-AMAL), which aims to prepare the Algarve region for climate change.

The workshop “Shape: Sharing Adaptation Plan Experience”, in addition to showing adaptation to climate change in Norway, counted, according to AMAL, with the sharing of examples of good practices in two Algarve companies, Infralobo (where this initiative took place), which presented the “Smart Resort by InfraLobo” solution, and Infraquinta, which shared the use of its Efficient/Smart Irrigation System and the use of treated wastewater for irrigation.

The study visit took the participants to Lagos with the aim of making known the impacts of climate change and good adaptation practices that are being developed in that municipality, namely in its green spaces, in Ponta da Piedade and Meia Praia. The program also included a visit to the Bravura Dam.

Still within the scope of the project Adaptation with Knowledge, Climate Change, the campaign “Nature does not take a vacation. Algarve, time to take care”, is the responsibility of the Algarve Tourism Region and the website is under construction This is a tool to make known all the aspects of this process, the reasons that led to the elaboration of the PIAAC-AMAL, the actions that are planned, explanatory facts about the problem of climate change, among various other information related to this theme.

In addition to the RTA campaign, which aims to raise awareness of sustainable tourism and the consequences of climate change, another will also be launched, aimed at residents of the region and which will be in charge of AMAL, The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities and from RTA, partners in this project financed by EEA Grants, through the Environment Program.

In a note, AMAL emphasizes that the Adaptation with Knowledge, Climate Change arises as a result of an application submitted to *EEA Grants, in the capacity of promoting the Climate Change Adaptation Plan. "The contest "Small Grants Scheme #3 – projects to strengthen adaptation to climate change at the local level – from the EEA Grants Environment program”, allowed the submission of applications for “operationalization of strategies and plans to adapt to climate change at the local scale”», says the Community.

Overall, the project seeks, according to AMAL, «to improve the Algarve's ability to respond to climate change, creating the basis for an adequate implementation of PIAAC-AMAL, through the provision of tools, awareness and involvement of different stakeholders in the process of adaptation, namely, of the Intermunicipal Community team, which coordinates the operationalization at the regional level, of the Monitoring Council of PIAAC-AMAL, of the teams of municipal technicians, responsible for translating, in the field, measures at the local level, and of the resident and floating".