VRSA approves Local Housing Strategy with investment of 101 million

The strategy involves supporting more than 800 households.

The Local Housing Strategy (ELH) of Vila Real de Santo António, approved by the Municipal Assembly, foresees an investment of 101 million euros. 

The document makes it possible to define the policies to be followed in terms of housing in the municipality. The strategy involves supporting more than 800 households.

«It is intended, therefore, that the municipality of VRSA is recognized for the solid development of its territory, endowed with decent, safe, inclusive and comfortable, energy efficient and affordable housing in a context of cooperation and social integration», says the VRSA chamber.

“ELH is a strategic instrument for the identification of housing needs and the respective solutions that are intended to be developed in the municipality, by 2026, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of more than 2000 people covered by these measures”, he adds.

For the mayor of VRSA Álvaro Araújo, the approval of the document in the Municipal Assembly «represented a historic day for Vila Real de Santo António, which, after years of waiting, saw the Local Housing Strategy be unanimously approved, opening path for its approval by the Institute for Housing and Urban Rehabilitation (IHRU) and the subsequent signing of the contract between the two parties and the Secretary of State for Housing».

According to Álvaro Araújo, “the main priority will be the recovery of both social housing neighborhoods and agglomerates that have been in poor condition for many years, with all funds expected to be applied by mid-2026”.

The creation of the ELH is also a mandatory requirement for access to the financing lines of the «Program to Support Access to Housing – 1st Right», which aims to promote housing solutions for people living in unworthy conditions and without the financial capacity to bear the cost of accessing adequate housing.

It is estimated that the implementation of the VRSA Local Housing Strategy, specifically the resolution of unworthy situations under the 1st Right program, involves a global investment of around 101 million euros, financed 100% by the Recovery and Resilience Plan ( PRR).