"Via Faro”: new buses are already in operation and are free until the 15th

New public transport service consists of 11 vehicles

The "Way Faro», a new public transport service, is already in operation, with five new lines and four transport circuits that will connect various points in the municipality to the city centre.

The new lines and circuits are the responsibility of the company Carvalhos Transport Union (UTC), which until now did not operate in the Algarve, through 11 vehicles – nine long and two minibuses – all with accessibility for users with reduced mobility.

Until the 15th of August, tickets are free, but from that date onwards the sale will be on board. Passes must be requested on the Via website Faro, or at the Mobility Store, located on the -1 floor of the Municipal Market.

According to the municipality, the withdrawal must then be done at the store, as well as the first shipment. The following can be done by ATM or in store.

The new lines and circuits are as follows:

  • Line 1: Embroidery - Faro;
  • Row 2: Asparagus – Faro;
  •  Line 3: Estoi – Gorjões;
  •  Line 4: Faro – Beautiful Corral X;
  •  Line 5: Montenegro – Sta. Barbara de Nexe;
  • Circuit 8: Sea and War – Braciais;
  • Circuit 9: Bracais – Sea and War;
  • Circuit 10: Forum – Health Center;
  • Circuit 11: Health Center – Forum

The timetables of the various routes can be consulted here