Here comes above normal temperature values ​​for the season, warns the IPMA

Interior North and Center will be the regions most affected by the heat wave

Temperature values ​​«above the normal values ​​for the season» will be registered in the coming days, reinforced today the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA).

The anomalies (variation in relation to the average values) will be more significant in the interior North and Center and for the maximum temperature, adds the IPMA.

However, the highest values ​​of maximum temperature will be registered in all regions of the Interior, reaching 35 to 40 °C until the 23rd, going down to 33 to 38 °C until the 27th.

In the coastal regions, the IPMA continues, the maximum temperature will vary between 30 and 35°C until the 23rd, going down to 28 to 34°C until the 27th.

In the coastal strip, throughout this period, the maximum temperature will vary between 22 and 29°C.

In turn, the values ​​of the minimum temperature will vary between 13 and 19°C until the 27th in most of the territory, and tropical nights are expected (minimum temperature above 20°C) in the South region on the 20th, Saturday, and between the 23rd and 25th in the North, Interior Center, Alto Alentejo and Eastern Algarve regions.

According to the IPMA, the weather will generally be dry, with the possibility of instability in the middle of the week in the interior regions.

The wind will start blowing from the east quadrant, becoming from the north quadrant during the weekend, being able to blow sometimes strong in the coast and highlands.

For all these reasons, this period corresponds to a high rural fire hazard. Indeed, precisely because of this, the Government decreed a situation of alert between Sunday and Tuesday.

The IPMA also explains that "the present meteorological situation is due to the joint action of an anticyclone located initially over the Azores and later to the north of this archipelago, by a depression of thermal origin over the Iberian Peninsula and by a depression in altitude from the end of Tuesday, the 23rd of August'.